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ROG Spatha X - Custom button assignments will not work when dock connected to SS10 USB ports

Level 7

On the ROG Spatha X:  When the base charging / communication station is connected to a "Red" SS10 USB port.  It will work properly when connected to an older "Blue" USB port. Many of the newer boards, especially those with wifi 7 coming out, do not even have these older "Blue" ports on them so I am just screwed.  

By work properly, I mean that the button key mappings do not work entirely when connected wirelessly. If I try to program any of the side buttons to L+Shift+C, the mouse will not send that command. If I program only "C", then it will work.   If I plug the mouse in directly to a USB port (wired), then it works as intended.

Something is causing the dock not to communicate through the high speed 10mbps USB ports.

Is there a solution to this?