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ROG Spatha won't connect wireless

Level 7

after I've RMA'd my first ROG Spatha mouse about 3 months ago, which just turned off after a firmware update and never came back to life, I'm now on my second unit and it's been working and updating fine so far.
I just tried to connect it wirelessly to the dock, and it just won't connect whatever I do. I did this fine with my first unit and never had any issues whatsoever, but this one just won't connect. I am on the latest Armoury and firmware, tried syncing, diconnect - turn on and reconnect, clicking the left mouse button, nothing.
Once I start the sync the green light on the dock starts blinking and when I click the sync button on the mouse it stops. then both turn off all their lights and just nothing happens.
Am I missing something? It works fine with the cable and battery is reported as 100% in Armoury.

Level 7
Hello siopoudis
I'm not sure what is going on here
but I would suggest to send it for RMA if you are unsure what to do next, thank you