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Rog spatha stop working when charge

Level 7
Hi to all, i had this spatha from about 2 years, i love it, but recently it start having issues...
Some times seems to not comunicate with the dock, now the real problem is it stop working when i put in to the dock for charging.
Sometimes the dock light off but mouse still working, some times not...
Now it usually stop working, the led on the dock shut off immediatly, mouse the same and i need to leave it unplugged for a while to back it working...

I love this mouse and i hope its fixable.

PS ive tryed to update the mouse firmware 1.80, the dock its on the 1.40 (if i remember correctly).

Any help?


Level 7

and how can you still use when low and have to charge at the dork like other wireless mouse do ???

Hello seeme0140

Grab the other usb-c cable from the box, use your ROG Spatha in wired mode while it charges.