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Rog Spatha issue?

Level 7
Good afternoon, I come to the Rog Community to find out whether any the members here have run into the issue with the Rog Spatha that i have been running into for the past 24.

I mainly use my Rog Spatha as a wired mouse.

Yesterday around 3PM PST i noticed that my mouse had been warm to the touch. Not too hot but enough warmth that i could feel it in the palm of my hands. I thought the mouse was overheating due to using the wired mode for the mouse. then i decided to drain the mouse and noticed the extra heat that was coming from the mouse dissipated around 40% of the mouses battery. Which leads into the batteries life. from 100 to about 30ish percent. the battery life drains down fairly fast. i've had the mouse off charge stand after draining the battery last night and in about 40 minutes it has lost 60% of the charge.

i've noticed around where it does get warm the paint looks like it has pealing off or more specifically looks almost melted? not sure. but it doesn't look like it did when first received the mouse.

I also suspect this is a battery issue but i have no way of knowing with out confirmation.

I love this mouse above all other mouses. if anyone has any suggestions as to what to do next please respond here or DM me. same goes for any questions.

Community Admin
Community Admin
The battery shouldn't lose 60% of its charge in 40 minutes. How long have you had the Spatha for? A new battery may be needed, unfortunately it is custom spec (smaller footprint, higher capacity) so please contact ASUS USA to obtain a replacement.
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