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ROG Spatha Fix, (for me)

Level 7
Greetings fellow Gamers.

So, turn on PC and noticed white, blue and green lights from my Spatha. Those were not the colors I had set up.

The mouse did not work at all, I know in the past all I had to do was unplug it.

This time it was completely not being detected.

I uninstalled Rog Armory, reinstalled it.
Downloaded new drivers, mouse was still not being detected put docking station was.

So I took apart the cover of the mouse, and disconnected the battery for about a minute.
When I plugged the battery back in, my Spatha came alive again with my light color theme.

Plugged it in the PC , downloaded the firmware automatically and works perfectly now.

Hope this saves you some stress of searching online for a fix.