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Rog spatha can't leave sleep mode

Level 7

Hi everyone,

I got an issue with my rog spatha in wireless mode, it cannot leave sleep mode and each time i need to put it back on the support everytime it goes into sleep mode and it's annoying

Thanks in advance for your answer




 Hello ForWat_1,

 I see what you're saying.

Once your ROG Spatha goes to sleep, it doesn't come out of sleep mode when you move the mouse.

First, may I ask if you have Armoury Crate installed and is Armoury Crate and your ROG Spatha fully updated?

To reset your ROG Spatha...

1) Set the switch on the bottom to wired mode.

2) Connect the cable to a usb port on your pc, leave the other end disconnected from your mouse.

3) Press and hold down left click, right click and scroll click.

4) With all three buttons held down, connect the cable to your mouse. (Not the dock)

5) Test to see if it comes out of sleep mode.



I use rog armoury II and the firmware is up to date, i try with armoury crate it doesn't make any  difference.

For your solution i just get an error from windows and the mice doesn't come out from sleep


Thanks for your time




Have you tried disconnecting the usb cable and reconnecting it?

After reconnecting it, open device manager and check to see your ROG Spatha is showing there, mine shows in two places.

Level 7

I try reconnecting and the mouse goes back to life. I have it show but both in the same place.


And after going back into wirelss mode it doesn't come out of sleep by moving the mouse.

I also try on another computer and it does come out of sleep either



Ok, let's check your ROG Spatha is set to allow to wake your pc.

In device manager, right click on your ROG Spatha and click properties. Click the power management tab and check the box " Allow this device to wake the computer".

Yes its on


Juste to be sure, when i say wake up , i mean wake up the mouse not the computer




All right,

Do you have Armoury Crate installed and is Armoury Crate and your ROG Spatha fully updated?

If not, in the link below, select your operating system and install Armoury Crate version

Armoury Crate - Support (

Once installed, go to the update center and check for updates.

To update your ROG Spatha....

1) Connect the dock with the cable to a pc usb port.

2) Get the other cable from the box, connect it to your ROG Spatha and a usb port on your pc, set the switch on the ROG Spatha to wired mode.

Any better after updating?

You can set the sleep timer for 1 minute.





It was already up to date




it seem like it doesn't recognize the device at all when the device is in "sleep"