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Rog Mouses Not working properly after Firmware update

Level 8

Hey guys i just want to share this prevention, I dont see it as a solution to mouses that have their firmware updated. I personally did not install armoury crate and i will never install armoury crate/ update my mouse's firmware because before buying my ROG Keris Wireless Aimpoint Ive searched on the web about this mouse models common issue and it seems to be ROG mouse issue not just the keris. If your mouse is working fine "DO NOT UPDATE THE FIRMWARE!" as it might brick your mouse. mine is working fantastic out of the box Im sure yours did too!



Hello VezTuNdra

There is a known issue with the ROG Keris Wireless Aimpoint and 2.4GHz wireless mode, an update is on the way to resolve the issue.

I'm using four ROG mice with Armoury Crate and am having no issues.

four ROG mice.png



So I decided to give armoury crate a chance since it seems this app does not auto update the device firmware(also to see my mouse battery percentage as I want to keep it at 30%-80% no fully charging or draining it to prolong the battery life).(if it does I will never Install it). For those who want to know what firmware version my mouse has out of the box here it is. my mouse is working superb no issue whatsoever