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ROG Keris x Evangelion BT pairing issue

Level 7

Hey guys, what's up?

I started this conversation before but I couldn't read it until now due to some personal stuff and now I can't reply the original thread.

It would be nice if some of you can help me with this, since it was kindly replied by @Nate152 and I did what was suggested but the trouble is still going on.

It would be so helpful if any of you can tell what's happening and how can it be solved 😞

PD: mouse works via cable and with RF dongle but not vía BT only

#Keris #Gaming #Mouse #Evangelion




Hello again

Set the switch on the bottom of the mouse to Bluetooth, press and hold the Pair button for 3 seconds.

Does this get you connected with Bluetooth?





Hello again, Nate. ty for responding (again lol). I've tried by pressing the button for 3 secs, double pressing it, pressing before and after switching the button to BT mode, pressing the pairing button while cabled and without the cord, man ways actually... bluetooth still not working 😕


Ok, try adding your mouse in the Bluetooth device list. Here's a quick video, I used my ROG Chakram X as an example, it took a bit to show in the added devices.

You may need to use another mouse to add it.




Thank you for your patience and time, Nate, I really appreciate it. I tried what you showed me as well, several times, but unfortunatelly the mouse wasn't recognized by the windows adding/pairing tool. Seems to be an issue from the device itself, like the BT hardware on it isn't working. Lucky me 😓 I will keep using it, obviously, but it has to be by the dongle (or wired, when needed).