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ROG Keris Aimpoint Battery Drain

Level 9

Since updating framework service the battery life of my mouse has significantly decreased. Prior to this update I would be able to get almost 2 full weeks of use before charging. 

I came home last night surprised as to why the mouse was dead, it then showed me that it was on 0%. I thought perhaps I have mis rememberred when I last charged and charged to 100% last night at 11pm. It is now 8:30pm the next day and has depleted 25%. 

25% depletion might be ok, except for the fact that I have used the mouse for a total of 30 minutes since the last charge...

Appreciate the updates from ASUS but it is really frustrating where updates causes more issues. I am noticing that people are mentioning battery drain issue in other posts where the initial topic was around the mouse dropping out in 2.4ghz mode (which i am also suffering from).


Level 9

Happened to me as well. Shut off the pc but the mouse keep draining battery until 0%.


Hello dsr and  idhamkassim

The disconnecting in 2.4GHz wireless mode is a know issue. ASUS is currently working on it, expect a future update to fix this.

As for the battery draining faster than normal, you can report this in the link below.

Solved: Armoury Crate V5.8.6.0 & V5.7.9.0 / AURA Creator V3.7.6.0 [Report here if any issues] (asus....




Level 9

Thanks @Nate152 appreciate that.

Level 7

Same problem, but after latest firmware update it has been fixed, after a fresh boot it tells it has high power use and I have to change usb port with the dongle then it goes back to normal?!