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ROG Harpe Ace pairing problems

Level 7

I have just brought home my new ROG Harpe Ace (the black one) and I immediately upgraded the mouse/dongle firmware (which might have been a big mistake). I have turned the dongle into Omni Receiver, but I am unable to pair my mouse with it! Any time I hold the pairing button (in wireless dongle mode) for 3 seconds, I just get "pairing failed". Again and again. I have tried different USB ports, having the mouse connected through the wire at the same time etc. The pairing just never works and the omni receiver pairing software just shows two empty slots...

Now the mouse DOES work wirelessly, kind of, even though it is not 'paired' according to the pairing utility... The problem is I cannot control it (set profiles, polling rate etc.) through the "ROG HARPE ACE AIM LAB EDITION" software - the RF2.4GHz is greyed out. I also have many lag/stutter issues with the mouse (that I never had with any competing wireless mouse or keyboard), so clearly something is wrong with the RF2.4GHz connection. Bluetooth/wired seems to work as expected.



Hello DiDiDi

Were you able to get your ROG Harpe Ace paired to the Omni Receiver?

You'll want to use Armoury Crate to pair your mouse to the Omni Receiver.

At the upper left of Armoury Crate click Device, click ROG Omni Receiver, it will show this page. At the bottom center under "Add Pairing Device" click Mouse, you'll be prompted to hold the pair button for 3 seconds, the led should turn green when paired and show it was successful on your screen. Make sure the wireless switch on the mouse is set to 2.4GHz wireless mode.

Omni Receiver.png









Same problem, the issue is purely Armoury crates, not user error. Does not want to re-pair it trough armoury, impossible to edit mouse settings without plug it or trough bluetooth. The mouse work trough 2.4 but do not appear in armoury crate.  

Using the mouse in 2.4 Ghz, the mouse does not apper here.Using the mouse in 2.4 Ghz, the mouse does not apper here.Trying to pair it,  "Pairing Failed"Trying to pair it, "Pairing Failed"Mouse appear in Armoury crate when using bluetoothMouse appear in Armoury crate when using bluetoothPossible to update the mouse but only via bluetooth, version of mouse and omnifor referencePossible to update the mouse but only via bluetooth, version of mouse and omnifor reference