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ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition battery draining very fast

Level 8

My harp ace's battery is draining very fast without having lights on,it took 10minutes from99% to 76%,it was very normal before i updated it 8.00.01 in the armoury crate,im not sure is it the update or my mouse's problem,does anyone else also have this problem recently?


Level 7

Hi, sorry for my English but I'm Italian, the same thing happens to me too since I updated to 8.00.01 the mouse suffers from battery drain, before it lasted a really long time, since yesterday I've had this problem.

I hope they move to resolve it, it's disgusting.I noticed that the battery level drops to around 35% then stabilizes and lasts normally.
IMHO it's a battery calibration problem with the software, perhaps the % that the software reads is incorrect!

Please resolve as soon as possible

It's possible that when things work well, in Asus they are capable of ruining everything.

I'm very dissatisfied, I also have a paired Asus Azoth and I'm reading the problems too.

Resolve as soon as possible

Community Admin
Community Admin

Can you guys record a log and report the issue here? (refer to the instructions there)

I can't replicate the rapid discharge issue - no sharp drop after 10 minutes.


How long have you owned the mouse?

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Sure,theres also another problem after the update i dont know is it even possible to record a log to that,i noticed that my pc's aura keeps flashing suddenly around few minutes and i went to check armoury crate that the device list suddenly appears and dissapears my mouse and keyboard (harp ace,scope 2 wireless),everytime it happens my pc aura just flashes its kind of annoying,im not sure is it because of the omni receiver(its still connected to receiver and useable after dissapering in device list in armouy crate) or armoury crate's problem.

Please report one issue per form, thanks. 

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

Strangely, since last night it started working well again, I updated everything on armory crate even the stupidest things like ''holiday/party effects'' and now it seems to work.

The mouse is recent, bought in August 2023, together with an Azoth rog (she in May 2023) I was in heaven until yesterday.

I leave my LOG in case the problem recurs I will post:



i've completed the form but last part the log file size is too big,where do i put the link to it?

If you don't mind, just put the link in a text file and attach.

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

ok done i have submited the form

Level 11

Im so happy i found this post. I have same problem.