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ROG Gladius II - New or spare mouse cover

Level 7
The rubber side grips on my ROG Gladius II started wearing off thanks to time degradation (this unit was bought last year btw, already off warranty), but since the side grips are attached to the mouse cover, and the cover itself is removable through the screws, i thought maybe i could get a new cover for the mouse, since it's purely made out of plastic and rubber, it shouldn't be that much expensive.

I tried looking up on ASUS customer service and i was told to look for spare parts on retailers, but i didn't find the mouse cover anywhere. I also tried searching for a broken unit of the mouse to buy and just get the cover (searched on ebay), but i had no luck.

Any ideas how i can get a new mouse cover?

PS: i live in Brazil, which just makes everything way more difficult to obtain. Tried looking in AliExpress as well, nothing to be found. Also no luck in ASUS customer support on Brazil.
I attached a picture of the specific part of the mouse i'm looking for.
Every internal component of the mouse is working perfectly, i just want a new cover so i don't need to get an entirely new mouse to replace this one.

Level 9
You can try lizard skin or similar. I use a baseball bat grip tape on my mouse that I picked up at Big Five Sports. They make grip tape for hockey sticks, baseball, lacrosse, tennis. I just run a small strip where my thumb and pinky rest on the sides of the mouse. Or you can fully line like in this video. It will add a little thickness to the feel of your mouse.

Level 7
Quick update: looking on AliExpress, i found the top mouse cover for the Gladius I, but not the Gladius II. Apparently they call the Gladius I as P501 and the Gladius II as P502.

So for anyone owning a Gladius I that needs a replacement for your top mouse shell, AliExpress got you covered, waaay better than Asus itself.

Still looking for the top mouse cover for my Gladius II, asked the vendor to see if i can get one.

Edit: out of luck on AliExpress, guess i'm sticking to a halfway damaged mouse anyway.
Lizardskins isn't an option for me, it would cost me 50 dollars to get a 10 dollar grip tape pack, thanks to a 42 dollars shipment + import fees to Brazil.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Unfortunately, we do not sell such replacement parts. If the mouse is still under warranty, you can still RMA. Otherwise some strong double-sided tape should do the job.
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