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ROG GLADIUS 2: DPI/Sensitivity issues?

Level 7
Hi! I recently acquired an ROG Gladius II Mouse, and I was really excited to get it to adjust the DPI of the mouse.

I installed the ASUS software, set up lights, and DPI settings, and the mouse started off fine, but midway between a match, the settings suddenly weren't taking effect. The mouse was uber sensitive, so I shut down my computer, the software, etc, and tried again. Now, the mouse just seems to be stuck at a pretty high setting, and I see no difference between a DPI of 100 and over 6000. Is this a problem with the software? The mouse itself? This is the first adjustable mouse I've ever gotten, and help would be much appreciated!
Thank you!

Level 7
I wouldn't hold out much hope, I have had my issue since around June time...

They have released a few versions of Armory since then, but either made no difference, or made things worse (such as now Armoury is affecting my MB LED's, and Aura)

While my original issue(s) STILL remain...

I'm actually considering scrapping ASUS in the future as a result of how poorly this has been handled...