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ROG Chakram shown as many devices

Level 8

My single ROG Chakram is shown as up to ten devices (without any button or axis), inside Games like Star-Ctizen, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Other Simulator Games.
The Problem in some Games is, that the amount of input-Devices is Limited, so it is posible that my Real Input Devices get Ignored
Normaly there is an Input device named Mouse witch is my real ROG Chakram and it works normal.
How can i remove these ROG Chakrams?



Hello stegell,

Have you created any macros or profiles in the games?

Are you able to right click on them and delete?


Hello Nate

On the Mouse, I use always the one Profile i set up at the Beginning.

In Game i have not set any profile for the Mouse and i can not delete the Input Devices 

My Problem is not with profiles but with Input devices.


All right,

This makes me want to have a look in Device Manager under Keyboards and Mice and other pointing devices. Do you have multiple ROG Chakrams there as well?

You can right click on them and uninstall, reboot and check the input devices in your games.



Hi Nate


it Looks like this inside Device Manager(USB-Eingabegerät=Inputdevice, 4 of them come and go if i unplug the Mouse):

ROG Chakram Problem1.PNG

it Looks like this inside Microsoft Flightsimulator (there are 10 ROG Chakrams. Game works fine with them):

ROG Chakram Problem2.PNG

it Looks like this inside Star Citizen (there are 9 ROG Chakrams, the game recongizes them as Joystick but nothing reacts to these if i try to use them. Game Ignores my HOTAS or Pedals):

ROG Chakram Problem3.PNG

Thanks al ot for your help Nate


Thank you,

I don't think this is much of a problem.

The ROG Chakram can be configured as different devices, mouse, keyboard, joystick and other special functions.

Level 8

sorry. my problem is not solved yet, i was grateful that you help me

what should I do next?

Can you try enabling Joystick Compatibility Mode? I think maybe the joystick on the mouse could be taking priority over your other devices. 

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Do you mean in Armory Crate
How can I do that?

I also noticed that there are 3 onboard profiles.
The first is my main profile with digital joystick, the other two cannot be deleted and had analog joystick. After I set all profiles to digital joystick, nothing changed.

Level 8

i do not have the X version of Chakram, i also do not have this option.

My Armoury Crate Version is: 

ROG Chakram Problem5.PNG

ROG Chakram Problem4.PNG