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ROG Chakram Dreadful Gamepad Conflicts

Level 8


I've been an user of the wired version of Chakram for about three years now. I'm glad to finally find a mice that doesn't double click after a year of usage, but I REALLY need a way to completely disable its gamepad/joystick functionality as soon as possible.

I never use the joystick to begin with and the fact the Chakram is detected as a gamepad by software like Steam and Windows itself is causing increasingly frustrating conflicts on more and more games as time goes by. Risk of Rain Returns straight up crashes if the Chakram is connected, while other games (such as Persona 5 Tactica and Headbangers) will send your character/menu cursor to random directions or not detect any inputs at all unless you unplug the mouse. Even in games where the inputs work fine, the button layouts shown on the HUD/UI are wrong or constantly flashing as the actual gamepad and the Chakram (being detected as a gamepad) fight over priority. I wouldn't be surprised to hear this affects performance, too. 

Is there anything I can do to completely stop ROG Chakram from being detected as a gamepad? Or is this a product limitation I will not be able to work around unless I get a new mice?



Hello Strawblaze

The games you listed are Steam games.

Open your Steam library. At the top left click Steam, click settings, click Controller.

You can turn everything off here.

Steam Controller.png


Hello Nate, thank you for reaching back.

Indeed, these games are all available on Steam. But I'm not playing all of them on Steam. P5 Tactica and Headbangers are available on Xbox Game Pass too and that's where I'm playing them.

Besides, turning off stuff on Steam's controller options doesn't prevent the mouse from being detected as a gamepad anyway. The reason this window exists in the first place is it is being detected as a gamepad rather than a normal mouse. It tweaks its options, but it will still appear as an available controller on Steam and everywhere else, causing all the issues I've mentioned. I've got everything on this configuration window disabled for a long time now and it's no good. If only it were that simple.


I see,

So, you're saying the ROG Chakram fights for priority with the gamepad or controller.

There is a setting in Armoury Crate called joystick compatibility mode. But unfortunately, I don't think the ROG Chakram has this setting, I'm pretty sure only the ROG Chakram X has this.

I notice it says selecting profile 5 disables the joystick, you can check if profile 5 disables the joystick on the ROG Chakram.

joystick compatibility mode.png

That looks like a handy feature. I went to check out and yeah, unfortunately, ROG Chakram Core doesn't let you do that and there are only three profile to choose between. Does that mean there's absolutely no way to solve this issue? 🙁


You could try setting the joystick to digital mode and disable the joystick in Armoury Crate.

Disable all four directions, Up, Down, Left, Right.


disable joystick.png





Unfortunately I already have all four directions set to "Disable" and it doesn't solve the issue. Guess there's no way out other than using another mouse.

Level 7

Came here looking for a solution for the same Problem... why must this be so hard? Because of this rather useless feature, I'm unable of using an actual controller in some games, because the mause decides: "I'm the controller now"

None of the aformentioned solutions work, after much frustrations, I wish I could return the otherwise good mouse...

Level 9

I have the exact same issue. Here is a screenshot of Chakram X connected via wired mode. Joystick compatibility mode is on. It should completely hide controller devices when it is in compatibility mode.  However it does not even when in profile 5.