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Rog Chakram Core - Joystic axes are inverted after update, joystick effectively unusable now

Level 9

After the latest update that Armoury Crate forced on me for this mouse, the joystick axes became inverted.

It worked just fine as a joystick before, in "Vertical Joystick" mode. After the update, the axes look inverted in every mode.

If I use vertical joystick mode, and I push the joystick forwards, it doesn't actually move forward in games but it moves to the left. WTF is up with that? Anyway it's not a problem with the game, it does this also in the USB game controller testing tool in Windows, with or without Armoury Crate installed, and on every computer I tested this on, even in Linux it does this.

So it's definitely a firmware bug.

Needless to say, the joystick is totally unusable like this. Any way to downgrade the ****** thing?

By the way, my experience with this mouse and with Armoury Crate in general has been totally dreadful. This is honestly embarassing for a top tier gaming mouse. Armoury Crate is an embarassing piece of software that looks straight out of the early 2000s, the interface is god awful in every imaginable way. The fact that it forced an update and now the only feature that made me buy this mouse instead of a Logitech doesn't even work anymore is just the icing on the ****** sandwich that the whole experience with this device has been for me since day one. Embarassing to say the least.


Level 9

Oh and by the way, everything is updated in Armoury Crate, I already tried turning it off then back on, reinstalling, updating, trying it on another device and so on, so don't even start recommending basic troubleshooting steps, I already exhaused those long before wasting my time complaining here. Just tell me how to downgrade it, assuming it's even possible, or this thing is going back to the store and I'm buying a Logitech.

Level 9

The other day the mouse updated again through Armoury Crate and it works fine now. Joystick responds normally and axes are no longer inverted.


Hello MRK017

Thank you for reporting all is well with your ROG Chakram Core after an update.