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ROG Chakram Core: Getting Started in Armoury Crate


My experience with the ROG Chakram Core and Armoury Crate.

I've had my ROG Chakram Core a few months and wanted to share my thoughts on it. I chose this mouse because of it's size, I have big hands and use the claw-finger tip grip and this mouse fits me perfect. It's not necessarily wider, it's longer and has a thumb rest which for me is a must for gaming.

It defaults to ROG colors of red and black on connection, you can adjust dpi with the button on the bottom and scroll wheel for basic control without software. A very nice option indeed.

My two favorite features are the tweezers and magnets. If a click button stops working, you can swap out the microswitches with the supplied tweezers. The shell and click buttons are easily removed as they're held on by magnets, no plastic clips to break. I think this is brilliant, they couldn't have made it any easier to fix your own mouse, a couple bucks for a new switch and your mouse is new again. This is where they're looking out for me as a customer, I'd much rather swap out a switch than hassle with an RMA or go buy a new mouse.

The ROG logo is customizable, you can swap it out but I prefer the ROG logo. It comes with one hefty weight and installs under the shell and after I did, I realized this is no kids toy.

Do you use the joystick?

It comes with a mini joystick on the side of the mouse and is customizable and programmable, I use it mainly for emotes in Destiny 2 and sometimes web page scrolling. You can pull the joystick off and stick the cap on as if it were never there. With my grip style, the joystick is about 1/2 inch in front of my thumb, and to use the joystick as WSAD for gameplay becomes kind of awkward for me. I'm not saying it's awkward for everyone and with the addition of a programmable 360 joystick, this can let a handicap person play.

When it comes to scroll wheels, it can vary from mouse to mouse with resistance and sensitivity. I think they nailed it with the ROG Chakram Core, it's sensitive enough with the right amount of resistance with no clicks or squeaks. I consider this a luxury because even though I can feel the notches, it's smooth.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect mouse, I've finally found mine with the ROG Chakram Core.


Now let's get started with Armoury Crate...

I'm on an older Maximus IX Code (Z270) with the latest bios and windows 11 fully updated. I installed the latest version of Armoury Crate and selected Armoury Crate and Aura Creator.

Armoury Crate version -

Once installed click I agree and accept, you can log into your ASUS account by clicking "Go to User Center" to have access to all the services or click cancel, I logged in to see what services were available. After logging in, you'll get an option to register your ROG Chakram Core, it's a good idea to register it for warranty purposes.

On the upper far left side, click Device, this should show your ROG Chakram Core, click it.

This should put you on the Buttons page, I leave these at default.

The performance tab is where you set the speed of the curser and the polling rate. DPI3 was selected by default and controls curser speed, just slide and test. The polling rate of 1000Hz is the best performance. Angle Snapping is to help draw straighter lines, I leave this off.

Lighting - You have five basic effects and Aura Sync.

Static - Solid color, no effect.
Breathing - Slowly fades off and on.
Color Cycle - Cycles through colors like a rainbow.
Reactive - Flashes once when you click the mouse buttons or click the scroll wheel. (Yes I said click)
Partition - The logo stays solid with the scroll wheel Breathing.
Aura Sync - Use this to Sync lighting effects with other ROG compatible devices.

To change color, click the colored box above LED Brightness, select a color with one of the boxes and click ok. You can save it to a profile and create up to three profiles.

Calibration, this adjusts when the mouse stops responding as to how high you lift it off the mouse pad. It was set to high by default, I tested them both and for me, the difference is too subtle to notice.

Firmware Update, you'll want to update this to ensure good working conditions with Armoury Crate.

After clicking Check Update, it should show all your devices are up to date.

All seems to be working great,
If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear about your ROG Chakram Core and what you use the joystick for.


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Thanks for sharing Nate152, I'll make this a sticky for people interested.
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