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ROG CHACKRAM X troubles with polling rate & lags in use

Level 9

I bough this mouse and had troubles when set polling rate more than 1000 in many games(some works fine), just low MY FPS, because of moving MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!
I give mouse back and receive new one, now issues just in moving mouse with even 1000 polling rate in radio, cabled! WTF..... Help with that pls, cause when price 150 EURO it isn't OK that i need waste a lot of time on this ... product.



Hello AlexPaska

Some games may have issues with the 8000Hz polling rate, but all games should play well with the 1000Hz polling rate.

Restarting your pc may fix the problem.

In mouse properties, I uncheck Enhance pointer precision. Click Apply.



I recorded a video with Destiny 2, it plays well with the 8000Hz polling rate.


But why razers works fine on 2k or 4k on radio! and this "chakram" can't work cabled fine from 2k?.... Also i my mouse, like prev one, disconnect many times for short period, help only plug off usb and plug in. For this price it isn't good. I uninstall armour crate and install again update everything, but it is even worse .


I can't speak for the Razer mouse as I don't have one but, when using the 8000Hz polling rate, there are some things that come into play.

It is recommended to turn off Free Sync and G-Sync when using the 8000Hz polling rate.

A higher refresh rate monitor will show the most benefit, and even then, only a seasoned player might notice the difference. On my 60Hz monitor with V-sync enabled, I don't notice any difference between 1000Hz and 8000Hz but, it works fine in the few games I play.


Okay, thanks, but why i have lags on radio? When i try to point on creeps(for example) in Dota2 it becomes to trigger, mean i can't swing smooth on object, it disappear and then alive))))) 

I have 240hz monitor so i'd like to use 8000hz, i am disappointed a little bit


The 8000Hz polling rate is supported in wired mode only.

If you're having lag issues in wireless mode, use the usb extender that came with your ROG Chakram X.

Make sure the cable is connected to a pc usb port.

I was having lag issues too in wireless mode, using the usb extender solved it.


u mean set closer usb to mouse? I did it, but laggs still here)


Yes, the usb extender should be clipped onto your mouse pad. My mouse is about 2 feet away from the extender and I don't have any lag.

Can you record a short video? I'd like to see the lag you're experiencing.

Sorry, yeah , it's fine with lags, but)) My mouse can disconnect after 10 minutes game and after that it can be triple time in a row.... what it can be? They most stupid thing is disconnect on radio