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Rog Chackram joystick axis are wrong. (inverted somehow?

Level 7

I have had an original Chakram for many years now.
All of a sudden the joystick axis seem to all be wrong.
I'm assuming that there's been some sort of mistake in a driver update?

I have gotten the following results by testing all directions with
The same results also show up in a Godot game that I've been programming.

[What's input I'm giving] = [what input actually happens]

Horizontal mode:

X negative (push stick forwards) = Y positive (axis 1 positive)
X positive (pull stick backwards) = Y negative (axis 1 negative)
Y positive (pull stick upwards) = X negative (axis 0 negative)
Y negative (push stick downwards) = X positive (axis 0 positive)

Vertical mode:

Positive Y (stick forward) = X negative (axis 0 negative)
Negative Y (stick backwards) = X positive (axis 0 positive)
Positive X (stick upwards) = Y positive (axis 1 positive)
Negative X (stick downwards) = Y negative (axis 1 negative)


Perhaps they've been inverted somehow?
Spinning the stick clockwise will make for counterclockwise movement in either mode.
Though it's weird that X and Y seem to also be inverted with one another as well.

I have tried reinstalling the HID device drivers, though it seems the mouse always just creates new ones whenever plug it in.
I removed the device through Windows 11 settings page.
I have even reinstalled Armory Crate completely, too.
Nothing so far has helped.

If this is a common problem, perhaps you should just add a little checkbox in armory crate for inverting the stick?
That way people could just tick/untick it if happens to break again. Heh!


Level 7

I've found a temporary workaround.
And in case any Asus community managers are reading this, you might wanna forward this info to your software people.
Knowing that the bug is related to the profiles should make it much easier to fix.

1. Armoury crate -> ROG Chakram
2. Click on the 3 dots next to "Profile"
3. Select "Reset all Profiles" (resetting individual ones doesn't seem to work for this)
3. Select Profile 3

The stick is inverted in Profile 1 and 2, but for some reason it works correctly by default on Profile 3.

Note that right click, mouse wheel etc. are set to controller by default on Profile 3, so you'll need to manually set them to mouse buttons instead.

It uses vertical joystick by default, and if you change it to horizontal it will break and become inverted again.
It will stay inverted even if you set it back to vertical!

To fix it you need to reset all the profiles again.

It might also be possible to export the .rog file of a profile and edit it to fix the axis, but I dunno if anyone has made an editor to convert the exported data into a human-readable format.