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Random but slight DPS/sensitivity drops finally fixed!

Level 7
Hey guys, I don't know if I'm the only that has had this issue. When I use the mouse in wireless mode I would, every now and again, get these slight but definitely annoying dpi/sensitivity changes. I play league of legends a lot and in the game you do a lot of kiting with your character. This slight dps drop would kill me every time and frustrated me. I could only use the mouse in wired mode and even then it seemed to do it but much rarely. Anyways I realized one the other day while moving my desk around that my USB cable was longer than I realized. It hit me... THE CABLE. I realized it was pretty dang long for a USB and maybe the really high polling rate might be an issue... So I decided to grab a much shorter cable and WOW. My mouse feels better than ever and has no drops in dpi or sensitivity at all... So I don't know if I had a bad cable or what but if you are having these random DPS changes or drops when playing try using another shorter cable. Again it may not fix for all but I know for the price we all paid for this mouse its worth trying.