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"coil whine" noise from motherboard when moving the mouse

Level 10
I got a chakram X recently and i'm noticing an issue (I had the same with my previous mouse LG903, it happened few weeks ago)
I had this issue with a former motherboard but it's starting to do it again.

When i move the mouse i have some sort of coil whine coming from the motherboard, apparently the VRM.

The higher the polling rate is, the louder it is, it's a high pitch noise quite annoying.

What setting in bios could be linked to this? I have a memory of fixing it a long time ago with some tweak but i can't remember

I'm switching motherboard next week to a strix gaming z790-E, I hope it will fix it..

Hi Asryan

Let us know if you still have coil whine with your new motherboard.

That's a strange issue for sure, coil whine can sometimes be psu related, you have a quality psu so shouldn't be any issue there.

Are you sure it's not the gpu?

Since I've never experienced this, I'm not quite sure what to suggest. I don't know if this will help but in the mouse properties, try unchecking "Enhanced pointer precision".


Level 10
I had the PC plugued on a 6plug surge protected outlet.

I bought another one just for one plugued and plugued the pc alone on it and for now, it seems a lot better maybe that was it? I'll do more tests but i have also disabled the Enhanced pointer precision, not sure if i feel any difference about it, is it really useful?

By the way in crate I see this option "angle snapping", should I enable this?
thanks !

It's possible too many devices on your surge protector was the issue, or the surge protector itself. You could try plugging your pc directly into a wall outlet.

Let us know how it goes after further testing.

Angle Snapping is for drawing straighter lines with your mouse, I usually let this disabled.