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mouse1 squeeks?

Level 7
hey guys..
Ive had my rog spatha for a few weeks now., and I notice my mouse1 button squeeks pretty often when I click it.. The funny thing is that my ROG spatha (i switch mouse depending on game), also squeeks on the mouse1.
Is anyone else having this problem? Should I just return on warranty and get a new one? It's really really annoying ...

Thanks for advice!

Level 8
Advice You try to contact the dealer who sold for you
or RMA to ASUS local window

Level 7
I returned it to the dealer and I got a new mouse. The new mouse does not squeak at all after one weeks use. And it does not loose its connection either it seems. The old mouse did loose it for 1-1.5 sec every now and then. couple times a day

I also seem to be developing the dreaded mouse 1 squeak.

At first I thought it was an audio drive glitch.. it only does it during super excessive clicking... but it *is* a gaming mouse!

I'm kinda glad someone else mentioned it, as I'm hugely OCD about noise... so it's not just me!
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Level 8
I have same squeak, mouse 1 week old. Any advice on how this can be resolved?

Liquidus wrote:
I have same squeak, mouse 1 week old. Any advice on how this can be resolved?

I haven't encountered any squeaking mice before (not even real ones:)), so it is not normal. Please exchange for another from your place of purchase.
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Level 14
Swapping the switch didn't correct the squeaky mouse?
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Level 7
Well its old thread and seems like old issue, that have not been resolved after so many years. I have same squeak on new ROG SPATHA X after 2 months of use only. Mouse itself is really good, but considering its premium product, such defect is not acceptable at all.