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Mouse randomly clicking

Level 7

Just purchased the ROG Chakram.  I'm having an issue with the mouse randomly clicking and holding.  Thing is though, while it may have to do with this mouse or armoury crate, I have reason to think it may not.  Anyway, the symptoms.

Set up as normal, the left mouse button will randomly click and hold.  If I the windows mouse settings I switch to left handed setup, then it is the secondary click that happens (still left button, now set as secondary button) so you would think hardware problem.

If instead I change the functionality in armory crate, say make clicking the wheel my primary and disable the left button, it still primary clicks as though the problem is now the wheel click.

If I disconnect the mouse entirely, it still clicks.

If I disable the mouse in the device manager, it still clicks.

If I disable all non-microsoft services in system configuration, it still clicks.

I've ran a scan with Malwarebytes, found a bit of adware but nothing major.

I've updated all drivers to the best of my knowledge.

Click lock is disabled.

The problem persists with other mice.

This became an issue shortly after installing armoury crate and using the ROG Claymore II, which is why I got the Chakram in the first place thinking my mouse had finally bit the dust.



Hello Valykry

If it's happening with other mice too, this sounds more like an issue with the operating system.

A little story....

Just the other day, a friend of mine had an issue where his keyboard would constantly type the = key, it was doing the same with two keyboards. We were not able to pinpoint what was causing it, but a windows reinstall fixed it.

I don't like suggesting to reinstall windows because I know it can be a pain, but since it's doing the same with other mice, a windows reinstall would most likely solve the problem.