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Mapping Buttons on Spatha X

Level 7
I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me map "open explorer window" to one of my Spatha X buttons. When I used armoury crate, I scrolled through every setting to find the option to no avail. The strange thing is that I had it mapped earlier successfully but had to revert to default. Now the option seems to be gone. Please help. Thanks

Which category was 'open explorer window' in?

I don't see it available for my Chakram X, but what did work was to set a macro for win + e since that opens up windows explorer and then set a mouse key as that macro.

Let me know if it works for you!

That was a great workaround my friend. Creating a macro and mapping it to my mouse worked. It still drives me crazy that I can't remember where in the software I was able to choose "open explorer" as an option to map to a button. It's like it disappeared.