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Keris wireless aimpoint omni support

Level 8

Hey customers

I have Falchion rx low profile this keyboard have "Omni Receiver" support but i have question for my mice

Will come to support for Rog keris wireless aimpoint?


Level 13

Negative. the model that will is the ROG KERIS II ACE

Learn, Play Enjoy!

Level 8

is there any possibility for mice before harpe ace to be support by omni receivers?

i have gladius iii wireless aimpoint and keris wireless btw

As u check dongles models on ROG Keris Wireless Aimpoint and ROG Azoth (they are the same, that's why they released ROG Azoth OMNI Receiver Firmware update) u will get the fact that ASUS just don't want to make cheaper mice/keyboards to support it. I suppose hardware on mouse can easily handle it. They are just greedy.

you mean an update coming or just buy a omni support mice?

Update is already here mate)

UPD: they are not greedy! Update has come 😉

Hi 5a6e, where to get that update?

Latest update from Armoury Crate, to check if it is working press pair button in wireless 2.4 GHz mode for 3 sec. LED should start blinking green