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I wish for an stand alone Keyboard and a standalone Mouse needing NO management software whatever

Level 9

Need I go on... dont many users want such?
FYI I'm new to this forum
I intend to ditch forever my highly annoying Razer kbd & mouse as accursed JUNK !
I wont evern start on here about spinning mousewheels on the deathadder well maybe later
I want to get the RoG Spatha X because it has a good sized pinky rest (I need that) and some decent Asus kbd ... when I can afford it.
It is really just the razer management system that absolutely does ma head in hence the title.
It updates every second day which delays me getting on with the daily digital chores email etc and sometimies locks me out requiring a tedious 2fa process at the end of which Im seething with rage at razer (no definitely should be a lower case r for them)
Because its ma dang property! I should never everrr be locked out like this!
So from there - right there is born the necessity of autonamous gear that Im on about !!
I dont give a fig about rgb lighting  just a backlit keyboard and illuminated mouse is enough for this night owl
On top of that, this PC is old maan circa 2014 and a potato by any modern standard.
From reading some other posts here & there  about that Armoury m.s.  that stuff likely to madden me too
yours truly red-faced,