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Gladius III Wireless AimPoint - LED won't turn off when sleeping

Level 7

To start: Mouse is in USB mode (switch in the middle position), plugged in, and I set the LED to blue.
When I put my desktop to sleep, the LED turns green, the battery charge color.
If I put the mouse into Bluetooth/2.4GHz wireless mode and unplug the mouse the light does go off when the PC goes to sleep, otherwise the mouse continues to show the battery charge color while plugged in.

I have tired holding Left and Right buttons and plugging in the USB cable to change between "regular" and "kiosk" modes. Kiosk mode has the same issue of turning the LED to the battery status color when sleeping. If I hold the Left+Right+Middle buttons and plug in the USB, that puts it into HID-compliant mode and the LED doesn't work at all -- this has been my default solution so far, but is not ideal.

I have tried with and without Armoury Crate installed, and could not find any options for sleep that applied to the mouse. I think there was an Aura Sync setting, but it either wasn't for the mouse or didn't make any difference.



Hello twiz

In the bios, Advanced tab, APM Configuration, set ErP Ready - Enable (S4+S5).

This should get your peripherals to power off when your pc is asleep or turned off.





Level 7

I don't have an ErP setting specifically, but nearly everything related to idle power seems to be enabled or on a conservative setting.
Also, my keyboard and previous mouse (different brand) never had issue with staying on.


Ok, see if you have this setting.

In the bios, Advanced tab, Onboard Devices Configuration.

Set this setting to Stealth Mode.



Level 7

Thanks for the pic, but I don't have any settings like that. My motherboard is kind of old and doesn't have any LED/RGB settings at all.



There is one other way to get the mouse led's to turn off when your pc is asleep and that is through command prompt.

1) Open Command Prompt as an administrator.

2) Type in: powercfg -devicequery wake_armed

3) Hit Enter, a list of your mice and keyboards should show.

4) Type in: powercfg -devicedisablewake Gladius III Wireless Aimpoint

5) Hit Enter and check to see if the led's go off when your pc goes to sleep.

What this will do is completely shut down your mouse, you won't be able to wake your pc with it.






Level 7

Thank you again for the help.

Unfortunately, I had already disabled this (through Device Manager -> right click the device -> Properties -> Power Management -> Allow this device to wake the computer) and it wasn't showing in:


powercfg -devicequery wake_armed


I double checked and re-enabled it in Device Manager then disabled it through the command line, but still have the same results where it switches from my chosen LED color to battery indicator when the PC is in sleep mode.
I think my next step might be to reinstall Windows, as I cannot get Armoury Crate to work (installed fine, but I'm getting a 'first run' loop that crashes when the initial set up completes) to check for newer firmware since December.

Again, thank you for your time and the help.