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G731GU to Usb Hub

Level 7
Hi asking all the experts here.

I plugged an Orico Usb-Hub 3.0 to one of the usb ports from the laptop. Probox 4x 3.5" HDD (only switch on when i needed) + laser printer (also only switch on when needed) + mechanical keyboard (wired) + Logitech G500s (wired) connected to usb-hub prior this and working fine with no issue. Laptop connected to Asus VG279Q monitor via HDMI.

Yesterday plugged in the brand new RF for the Gladius II mouse, mouse was stuttering and lost connection every intermittently for 2-3 seconds. It got worst when powered on the Probox to access files. I thought mouse was faulty. But when I directly plugged the RF into laptop's usb port, the mouse working flawlessly.

1) Is the Galadius II a high powered wireless mouse that it needs direct usb instead of usb-hub?
2) Or the laptop usb ports not giving enough power?
3) Do i really need powered usb-hub just for the mouse?

So far no issue using both keyboard & mouse connected to usb-hub. Hope anyone please point out if i made any mistakes or kindly advice me. TIA