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Chakram X Questions

Level 7
Read some interesting articles on the Chakram X. A few questions, Does anyone have any update regarding release date?. I know originally it was Q1 but that is gone.
Does the mouse come with optical mouse switches installed and if not, can those be purchased ? Lastly, can you save RGB settings on the mouse through the software? Thanks for any info.

Hi Conkir

Welcome to the ROG forum.

The ROG Chakram X is available to purchase at your favorite online stores.

I'm using the ROG Chakram X and I think you'll be happy with the switches it comes with, I don't know if they are optical switches, it just says micro switches in the specs.

It even comes with an extra pair of micro switches.

RGB is controlled with the Armoury Crate software.

Here's what you get in the box, the mouse and a big long list of accessories.

1 x ROG Chakram X Mouse
2 x ROG 3-pin Micro-Switches (installed in mouse)
2 x Spare Micro-Switches
1 x Wireless Receiver
1 x 2 m Paracord Cable (Type-A male to Type-C male)
1 x USB RF Extender Adaptor with mousepad clip (Type-A female to Type-C Female)
1 x Carry Pouch
1 x long Joystick (installed on mouse)
1 x Short Joystick
1 x Joystick Cover
1 x Switch Remover
1 x Customizable Logo Badge
1 Sheet x ROG Logo Stickers
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Warranty Booklet

Hi Nate. Thank you for your quick reply and the information. Do you know if optical switches can be purchased from ASUS? Also, do you know if RGB settings can be saved to the mouse? Thanks again for the information.


Yes, the RGB settings and effects can be saved with Armoury Crate.

From the Features page.

Push-Fit Switch Socket II: Hot swap compatibility with 3-pin mechanical switches and 5-pin optical micro switches to vary click force and extend lifespan of the mouse.

I looked at the replacements in the box and they look to be 3-pin mechanical switches, will have to check at the ASUS store if they have the 5-pin optical micro switches.

Hi Nate152

I have been to the ASUS store and done some extensive searching online and cannot find any 5-pin optical micro switches to purchase to replace the mechanical ones that come with the Chakram X. I was hoping that with your connections you might be able to direct me to where I can buy these. I know in the info for the mouse it states that it is ready for 5-pin optical micro switches to be installed. If anyone else has any info as to where to buy 5-pin optical micro switches, please chime in.

Thank you

I believe Omron had some kind of issue with the 5-pin micro switches is why we can't find them, the best I can do is say keep an eye out for them to become available.