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Can one get ROG Chakram X Origin and use it witouth The Armoury Crate app

Level 9


Hi guys, 

I recently bought ROG Fusion II 500 and ROG Strix Scope RX TKL Wireless Deluxe and I'm using them both without the bloatware heaven, aka: Armoury Crate (ofc then I have no RGB or control over any settings for neither) now I wonder if I could get the mice, but what is keeping me from doing so is the fact that I want to be able to set my sensitivity... Is that possible? 

For sound I can change volume 


Level 9



Hello Assarelius

Yes, you can change the dpi without Armoury Crate.

Press and hold the dpi button for 3 seconds, the rgb lighting will come on, then use the scroll wheel to change the dpi. Press the dpi button again to save your setting.

Hey and thank you for your input on this - I really appreciate it! Since you know the mice and know what I'm after, let me ask you, there is no way one can tell what the sensitivity is set at, or which lvl its on currently? 

Reason why I'm asking is that I know I want to stay on 2600 in some games, others I prefer 1700 and some rare cases around 3000. So, on my current one, I sat these steps with the bloatware app (razer) And then saved them and each sensitivity is represented by a tiny, small led on the top of them mouse so when I press the switch sense button, I get a visualities on what is what. 

Is something like that possible?


If only Armoury Crate didn't install 30-40 different services, I would install it and set things up properly but basically nothing on Win 11 combined with games works without problems for me with that installed, and without it clean install of win 11 and all the games run as expected with no problems with any software or hardware's, not even one problem one time. But fresh install of win combined with AC equals almost problems and hangs and BSOD and so on all the time, 4 times per gaming session.....


It defaults to 1600 dpi, while scrolling the scroll wheel, each click raises or lowers the dpi by 50.

Without Armoury Crate, there isn't anything to give you an indication of the dpi, so I suppose you could either count or go by feel.