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ROG Chakram Core: Getting Started in Armoury Crate

My experience with the ROG Chakram Core and Armoury Crate.I've had my ROG Chakram Core a few months and wanted to share my thoughts on it. I chose this mouse because of it's size, I have big hands and use the claw-finger tip grip and this mouse fits ...

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Nate152 by Moderator
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ROG Spatha X Rapid Fire

Hello fellow ROG gamers,I recently got the ROG Spatha X mouse and out of the box, there's no denying it's an excellent choice for playing games. I'd like to share how to use a neat feature it possesses called rapid fire. But before I do I have to me...

Nate152 by Moderator
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Rog Spatha Battery Replacement.

Hi, my rog spatha battery is dying after 3.5/4 years of use, its not charging like before. I tried looking up online for the replacement but i couldnt find anything.My question is is it a LI-PO or LI-ION, can i replace it for another generic of the s...

ROG SPATHA individuell buttems

So i love my Spatha mouse BUT whode love if the 6 side buttems kude be individuell buttems like Mouse 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Mouse 1 and 2 whode be your left and right click and then mouse scroll is normale mouse 3 i think but then the six side buttem cude b...

DeXZoR by Level 8
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Chakram joystick dead-zones + calibration tools ?

Hello,I have a problem when using the Chakram joystick in Digital (4 ways) mode : the joystick is not well calibrated and doesn't execute command properly.Theoretically, the whole circle should be divided into quarters like a cake. However this is no...

kml250 by Level 7
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Rog Gladius III Firmware update issues..

Hello guys!I have problem getting my new Gladius III new firmware to it.I have it wired, but nothing happends when i try to update it trough Armory?Aura Sync is not active on it either..What i´m doing wrong?Second question. Can i somehow get the mous...

Rog Chakram Xinput controller

I currently use a Chakram Core as my daily mouse and while its fantastic I have to unplug it before I play various older games (Dark Souls 1,2) or it makes the Xbox One Controller not work. Initially I thought this was because of the joystick being i...

231Sme by Level 7
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Replacement joysticks for ROG Chakram?

Hi all,I've purchased this mouse back in April, and very recently the joystick has become quite loose and been falling off.I've tried to reach out to Asus for a replacement joystick and no luck , same with through the retailer.Are there any spares av...

von-M by Level 7
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ROG Spatha - Profile Issues

All profiles were reset with no input and seemed to stop all buttons from functioning as well as increase the mouse to 8200 dpi. The cursor was also unmovable either stuck at 100dpi or not moving at all. Once profiles were reset the sensitivity cant ...

Chakram update

Ok, for months now I have been trying to update the Mice, I don't even use the damn dongle since it's fubar and kaput, I also know that is not working for many who try to update the device, it still want's me to connect the 2.4 Ghz RF dongle to the P...

Detleg by Level 12
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