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Make Future Mouse Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to u...

xeromist by Moderator
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ROG Chakram Core: Getting Started in Armoury Crate

My experience with the ROG Chakram Core and Armoury Crate.I've had my ROG Chakram Core a few months and wanted to share my thoughts on it. I chose this mouse because of it's size, I have big hands and use the claw-finger tip grip and this mouse fits ...

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Nate152 by Moderator
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Keris wireless aimpoint omni support

Hey customersI have Falchion rx low profile this keyboard have "Omni Receiver" support but i have question for my miceWill come to support for Rog keris wireless aimpoint?

mysquen by Level 9
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Resolved! Wireless connection stability

Wireless router is placed really close to my mouse on my desk. I wonder if i buy wireless mouse, can i use it without any connection stability issue?

Rog Chackram joystick axis are wrong. (inverted somehow?

I have had an original Chakram for many years now.All of a sudden the joystick axis seem to all be wrong.I'm assuming that there's been some sort of mistake in a driver update?I have gotten the following results by testing all directions with https:/...

Rog Spatha X - Push to talk macro

Hi, I can't create a macro on my spatha x for push to talk in discord, I would like a "release" macro to talk.Let me explain better, I would like to be able to speak by leaving a mouse button pressed to speak, while when it is released the microphone...

ROG harpe Ace

Ive got that new mouse... and really like that this mouse allows me to set 300 DP. What DPI do you use?

Rog spatha x battery is not charging

I recently purchased the ROG spatha x mouse and now battery is stuck at 28% and won’t charge beyond i try charging it by docking it and by connecting the usb directly to the mouse but its no use is there a way to fix this or should i return to amazon...

sdarkdy by Level 7
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ROG Chakram X

I think this premium wireless mouse that is also featured on Asus website along with Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition should receive a ROG Omni Receiver support through a firmware update like Azoth had. I got ROG Scope II 96 wireless and ROG Chakram X becau...

Resolved! Asus Rog Keris Wireless Aimpoint Slow Movement during Small Inputs

Hey,I feel like I have a weird issue, or I'm not sure if it's working as intended.Using my Logitech Pro Wireless and G203 Prodigy as reference, I'm used to running a mouse at higher sensitivities. 6400 DPI has been my go-to.I'm used to making really ...