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ROG Chakram Core: Getting Started in Armoury Crate

My experience with the ROG Chakram Core and Armoury Crate.I've had my ROG Chakram Core a few months and wanted to share my thoughts on it. I chose this mouse because of it's size, I have big hands and use the claw-finger tip grip and this mouse fits ...

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Nate152 by Moderator
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ROG Spatha X Rapid Fire

Hello fellow ROG gamers,I recently got the ROG Spatha X mouse and out of the box, there's no denying it's an excellent choice for playing games. I'd like to share how to use a neat feature it possesses called rapid fire. But before I do I have to me...

Nate152 by Moderator
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ROG Chakram wont connect with USB

Hi there,the mouse is working fine but when i want to charg it with the usb-c cable, it wont connect to my PC. I get a warning message from W10 saying the usb device cant connect properly but it seems it charges at least but cant use it since the wir...

rexor89 by Level 7
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ROG Strix Evolve multiplies mouse filters and stops responding

I bought last year a mouse model Strix Evolve. NIce mouse, really simple layout nothing too exaggerated. One small issue, since months I started having issues, issues that I believe are caused by some sort of corrupted firmware.Randomly when using th...

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Axe127 by Level 7
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Resolved! ROG Chakram

hi all, I'm having an issue with my ROG Chakram recently after updated Armoury Crate to  It not showing my wireless mouse unless i plug it to the usb c cable provided. i can't setup the mouse via Armoury Crate wirelessly and have to plug in...

OreGon by Level 8
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ROG CHACKRAM X troubles with polling rate & lags in use

I bough this mouse and had troubles when set polling rate more than 1000 in many games(some works fine), just low MY FPS, because of moving MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!I give mouse back and receive new one, now issues just in moving mouse with even 1000 polling r...

Asus ROG Gladius II unusable after firmware upgrade

Good afternoon,I have 2 peripherals :- Asus ROG Strix Flare- Asus ROG Gladius IIAt boot, the ROG Armoury application prompted me to upgrade the firmwares of the devices. I accepted and let the application proceed. The operation was successful for...

fifeed by Level 7
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ROG Keris Wireless EVA Edition Macro Problem

Hello there. I'm trying to figure out how to set macro to my keris.I'm trying to assign a macro to one of the left buttons of the mouse, but when I select the SHIFT MODE option, the macro I set does not appear in the macro list.That's why, when I sel...

Spath Mouse wrong LED status + New FW Version

Hi there,i have a big problem with my ROG Spatha mouse & Dock.I updated my mouse on the FW Version 1.62 my dock also to 1.32its my second mouse, the first one i transfered back for a new one cause the Asus support says me that is an hardware

Chakram X Gaming iQ

Hi, i buy mouse Chakram X Gaming iQ  and have an issue when up frequency(250 - 8000 cable). When i set 4000 or 8000 game start lagging if i turn mouse. What it can be??? If i set lower than 4000 everything is fine!Give link for video with that issue ...