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Asus Keris | Wired mode: Flawless | Wireless mode: Choppy, maybe polling rate issue

Level 7
Hello everyone, I tried my best to scour through the forum and using the search function to fix my problem but sadly I'm at my sanity's end.

I've had my Keris with me for more than 1 and half years (warranty ended) and no problems were present until I bought the Gladius 3 (still working perfectly) and did the firmware update through Armoury Crate. My theory is that I messed something up, and by updating the Gladius I somehow screwed up the Keris' firmware.

Just to make sure I was not insane, I used MouseTester on my Asus Keris mouse in wired and wireless. These were quick swipes and normal behaviour should be a quite smooth mountain (seen on wired) but for the wireless graph you can a see a bunch of unsmooth weirdness, here are the pictures below.
96393 this is the wired graph
96394 this is the wireless graph

Another set of pictures before stating what I've tried to fix the problem.
These next pictures (if I understand them correctly) describes the mouse's polling rate stability, as you'll see the wired looks (and felt) really consistent and smooth but the wireless graph looks (and I personally felt) like it is not consistent at all.
96391 96392

Things I've tried: (installations with dongle and usb cable connected in different ports)
1) Moving dongle closer.
2) Uninstalling Armoury Crate (with Uninstaller) and Installing again.
3) Removed drivers in Device Manager (in the Keyboard and Mice options)
4) Using different USB ports (hubs and direct to motherboard)
5) Left|Middle|Right clicks to factory reset, and then installing firmware.
6) Tried reinstalling the Firmware with the switch position in Off(wired) mode, and 2.4ghz mode.
7) And I also did a full Windows 10 reinstall (I normally do one every January, but I did early for the mouse)

The next pictures are just to show my Armoury Crate version, as well as the mouse's Firmware and Dongle version. I'll write them at the end.
96389 96390

Armoury Crate:
Device Version: 11.31.15
Dongle Version: 2.00.06

Hi IIRah

Welcome to the ROG forum.

Thank you for your detailed analysis.

You've done some thorough troubleshooting, and usually a fresh windows reinstall will fix any problem.

Since it happens only in wireless mode, are there any other wireless devices nearby that could be causing interference?

Hi Nate,

Thank you for your patience, and yes, I have my cellphone and 3 other wireless mouses: G303 SE, Asus Gladius 3, and MM731. My PC is using Ethernet connection.

I did the MouseTester with all 3 mouses off before the full windows reinstall.

Then, I disconnected them, and kept them turned off -> Wih only my Keris connected -> Did the full reinstall wiping everything -> Downloaded MouseTester and Armoury Crate (for any updates) -> And then with fully fresh install, I tested the Keris with MouseTester giving me the screenshots as posted.

Sadly I can't remember where my phone was placed when testing on full reinstall day, but my other mouses including the Asus Gladius 3 are working perfect (seen in MouseTester) today with the phone close by.

Apologies before hand for the long responses, I'm not sure what I should leave in or leave out for troubleshooting help.

I had an update for my three ROG mice this morning.

Open Armoury Crate and check for updates to see if this might solve the problem.

Sadly it looks like there is no update for the Keris, I'll try to check Armoury Crate semi-constantly in the hopes that an update drops

So, at the very least I now know with 98% certainty that my issue in wireless is because of the polling rate. It is dropping below 950HZ way too often.

I went on a whim and decided to see how other people check their mouse for any problems, so I searched 'how to check mouse' and I found this online polling rate checker and decided to test it. I'll be attaching 2 Youtube links of me checking the polling rate: 1)Wired 2)Wireless.

To check the polling rate I just started making circles, I tried to make the circles for around 20 seconds. After many tests I decided to screen record them and post them here in the hopes that it might help.

Interestingly, in wired mode the polling rate does drop but it is not as consistent as in wireless, resulting in me not noticing.

Here are the Youtube links:
Wired ->
Wireless ->

All right, I tested my my ROG Chakram X in wireless mode to compare to your ROG Keris.

To me they look fairly similar.

You are right, they also look similar to me. This is so weird, hopefully I'm not feeling things that are not there

Thank you for taking the time Nate

Small update, good things is that an update dropped either yesterday or today for the Keris, bad thing is that it has sadly not fixed my wireless issue:(

For a time I thought that it was my sensor dying but in Wired mode it is still as good as I remember Wireless was. I sadly can't play with a cable anymore because of my low sensitivity in games.

I'll just keep waiting for a future update in Armoury Crate

Are you able to get the receiver any closer to the mouse?

I was having stuttery gameplay with the mouse about 5-6 feet away from the receiver in 2.4GHz wireless mode.

The ROG Chakram X comes with a clip on extender to get the receiver as close as possible to the mouse, I use it and have it clipped onto my mouse pad. The receiver is now about 2-3 feet away from the mouse and games are just as smooth in 2.4GHz wireless mode as wired mode.


The ROG Keris doesn't come with an extender but this could be an easy cheap fix, it doesn't have a clip so you'd have to find a place to mount it on or under your desk/table, something like double sided tape would work well.