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2 of my 3 Rog Keris Wireless mice already defective

Level 7

Tried 1 Mouse about 2 years ago, still working great.  Bought 2 more less than a year ago, both are already defective, and both are considered out of warranty already. Leaves quite a bad taste in the mouth so to speak.


Level 14

What's defective about them?  Someone might be able to help you with them, or at least we'd all benefit from knowing what problems you encountered.

Level 7

On the first defective one, using the scroll wheel is no good. It will still show movement on the wheel maybe 5% of the time. I have replaced the Kailh encoder, but the issue persists. The second mouse will not charge the battery. When you initially plug in a source of power, it will draw 2.5 watts for about a second and then stops. This current does dump to the battery. Charging the battery with another mouse works fine, it will use up the battery charge and then back to being a wired mouse.