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Strix Scope NX Wireless keeps defaulting to different settings.

Level 9

Hello, I feel bad for asking for help again, but armoury crate doesnt like me I think,

I have a Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe, and it always goes to static effect lighting and the color red after I restart my laptop, or wake my laptop from sleep. The other thing it does is almost always wants me to sync all profiles.

Its annoying to not have my settings save when I do that.

Any help with this issue would be awesome!


Screenshot 2023-04-16 201115.png



Hello Virulent16,

It's ok to sync your profiles, you'll normally have to do this after an update.

Is your keyboard synced with your motherboard in Aura Sync? 

If it is, uncheck the box, this should keep your lighting settings with the ROG Strix Scope NX wireless deluxe keyboard device page.


In Aura Sync, you can check the box, sync your keyboard with your motherboard and use the Aura effects to control the lighting.



Hello again Nate! Thanks again for the help.

Aura sync is unchecked. It keeps happening after pc puts display to sleep and/or logs me out. It always defaults to Static effect and color red. After this happens, Armoury Crate wants me to sync all profiles again for my keyboard.

What I do after this happens is, I select profile 1, set the colors and effect how I want it, then click sync all profiles. Never seems to stick and always goes to Static and the color red.

Just as a note, this is on a fresh install of Windows 11 and a new install of Armoury Crate and everything is up to date, resulting from my previous issue with my Chakram X

Ah, when you get the red N, just select sync all profiles.

Try creating a profile 2 and letting it on that.