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Strix Scope II 96 - Wheel lighting problem

Level 7


I have an issue with a fresh-bought Strix Scope II 96 - my wheel LED is set to purple breathing even if I explicitly set it to solid red in Aura Creator.

I have tried Fn + Esc to reset the keyboard, it goes solid solid red and then solid green but once I let go, the keyboard goes back to full solid red (as expected) except the wheel lighting goes back to breathing purple.

Also worth noting that switching to bluetooth without a bluetooth-connected device makes the wheel LED go blue, but once it syncs, it goes back to breathing purple.

I have the latest version of firmware (and armoury crate) as of 26/08/23.

Any ideas?



Hello Vivi,

Bluetooth has limited functionality, you'll want to be in 2.4GHz wireless or wired mode to change settings in Armoury Crate.

I'm using Static with the color blue, all keys are blue including the wheel. If I select red, all keys change to the color red including the wheel.

Try using Armoury Crate instead of Aura Creator.

Scope II lighting.png