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Strix mechanical KB - how to remove on-the-fly macros?

Level 7
Has anyone been able to actually DELETE/unassign an on-the-fly hardware macro? I mean the one you can set up via FN + Alt/Macro Record in Hardware mode?

I have set up one of these and now I am unable to switch the keyboard to proper Software mode - I mean it IS using my software-mode macros as well, but it is completely ignoring me assigning one of them to this particular key where the HW-mode macro is set up.

Can anyone kindly advise here?

Many thanks!

Level 7
Hello, I have the same keyboard.

Administrator "Bahz" stated in this thread:

that: "Regarding the on the fly macros you do need to use the software to delete the macros."

Unfortunately the only way to be able to disable On-The-Fly macros is by using Strix Software. (I never used software mode macros by the way)

Yeah I am using the software but how exactly do I delete my onthefly macro in it? The only possible way seems to be to apply one of the software-mode macros, but as I said it doesn't stick on this key.


*wow the famous Asus support*

Level 7

Fn + Esc key for 20 seconds. resets keyboard.

Thank you! This was super helpful. I did have another question. How do macro keys work? i.e. I’m trying to crate one button for the sequence of four bottoms together. Like, CTR+SHIFT+down arrow key into one button hypothetically “D”. I tried it on the keyboard by clicking FN and Macro and recorded the macro to “D” however every time I clicked “D” it would perform the sequence. Is that how it’s supposed to work? How do I type a word that has “D” in it without the macro performing each time?