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Strix Flare not appearing in Armoury Crate correctly

Level 7
It seems like everytime there is an update it messes witht the keyboard. I am getting really fed up with software/firmware updates screwing the aura sync settings of the keyboard.

On the Aura sync menu in armoury crate the keyboard is showing a disabled icon without the opetion to check box it. It is telling me to update the firmware, and to check the update centre. When I go there, it shows the device as up to date. If I click on the keyboard itself, armoury gets stuck on loading.

Is anyone else having the same issues with it and if so has anyone found a fix! I have no idea why ASUS cannot just put the firmware of this product on the support page so we can reinstall/reset when we are having issues!

Seemed to have sovled this by changing the keyboard profile on the keys to profile 1. I think when it is in default, Crate cannot detect it.

Level 8
I have the same issue, armoury gets stuck on loading. This issue needs to be fixed.

Community Admin
Community Admin
When in default profile (Fn+6), Aura Sync is disabled. Just use any of the other 5 profiles (Fn+1/2/3/4/5). If you are having trouble accessing pages, please report Armoury Crate issues here (remember to read OP and provide a log):
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