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Strix Flare holding down key is broken

Level 7
When I hold down a key on my keyboard instead of it doing the normal hold down and steadily repeating, it does lots of repeated presses extremley quickly. This makes typing a pain as holding down a key for a split second too long does half a line of that letter and many games are unplyable because it bugs out the movement.
Is there a way to fix this.

Level 7
I hope this is a bug in the firmware. I have the same issue. Before that various keys stopped working. I plugged my keyboard to different USB ports to overcome the issue. In this USB port ,down key is not working. I wonder if there is a diagnostic tool that devlopers use to test their devices. It could help anyone bought the keyboard.

Level 7
Sorry for the necro, but I'm having the exact same problem and can't find anything else on it.

Holding down ctrl, alt, tab, shift, etc. results in the keyboard acting as if I'm pressing the key repeatedly.

So if I try to, say, drag a file and hold ctrl to make a copy it instead flickers rapidly between moving the file and copying the file.

Games that use holding these buttons as an input now are impossible.

This feels like it has to be a software problem.....


The "check your inbox" type replies are really unhelpful for people like me coming to this thread with the same problem, trying to find a solution.. Can you please share a solution in the thread?