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[Solved] Rog Azoth causing audio issues?

Level 7

I never had audio issues untill i bought the RoG Azoth.

Whats happning is that every time i launch a game all my audio starts sounding hollow/low quality, but when i tabbed out the audio sounds fine. I have no idea what is causing this but it started happening when i got this keyboard. And its very frustrating. So im wondering if anyone else may have encountered this issue? 


The hard ware im using for my audio is Beacn Mix Create but i have checked all the settings there and its as it should be. Its just very strange. 


Level 7

Turns out theres an update with logitech the same day i got this keyboard and well I had the app on auto update. So I never noticed it. There is this thing called "Persistant Profile" in the settings of logitech hub. Dont ever change that to none unless you want the same issues I got. Set it to defaullt and all the audio is normal again.  Hope this will help someone.