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Shift + End on Azoth?

Level 8


just got my ROG Azoth. 

How do I press "Shift + Home" or "Shift + End"?

Is the FN-key not working within shortcuts or is it just me?


Level 7

I don't know about programmable keyboards, but my old keyboard, the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000, could combine Fn with shift at least. I finally got the software installed, remapped PgUp and PgDn to Home and End, and then the idea was then to remap so Fn+End would be PgDn, but that didn't work. Could not find any place to remap what the Fn key does. So now I've lost PgUp/PgDn.


The Fn key is used with other keys for certain commands/functions, the Fn key cannot be reassigned.

Reset your keyboard and reassign a Ctrl and Alt key as Home and End.

Level 7

I'm also a software developer in the same position with this keyboard

shift + end / home to select a line are super common combinations for programming and used constantly

this feels like a bug where there is a conflict between the shift and fn key and I am guessing it might only be rectifiable in firmware

is there anyway this can be raised a bug with the dept who support firmware for this keyboard

shift and fn + combination should not be conflicting like this

remapping is fine but this is a work around not a solution

Level 8

Its such a shame that an other wise amazing keyboard is completely ruined by the lack of extremely basic functionality. Returning mine tomorrow.