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ROG Strix Scope NX Deluxe Wireless BT indicator

Level 8

Hi Asus. 

Any way to turn off the BT indicator (Number 8, 9,0)  when using in Bluetooth Mode? Kinda spoils the RGB lighting scheme when one key looks stuck in white. thanks! 20230409_232744.jpg




Level 8

the KB is an NX Wireless Deluxe. thanks

Level 12

the light is likle that,  cause you are using 1 of 3 channel avalible for BT.

is normal and apply ONLY fo BT take note what the manual say. 

If you can not change that or turnoff in armory crate, as manual say, please contact asus support services, IF all updates are in place in armory crate. sadly i can not test that here since i do not have that for testing



you can also check here to prepare the log and fill the google forums to report the issue

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Level 8

thank you, i'll look for that setting in AC

what i do not know IF in order to make that change, keyboard need to plug rf or wire to access the ac. since on the equipment i have here, old ones, ac does not see bt devices. try that first.

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