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ROG Strix Scope II RX Multiwheel problem

Level 10

I've a strange problem with the multiwheel. Each time I boot my computer the keyboard directly setup on multimedia functions and when I use multiwheel, I can't go on the system volume settings (can go on multimedia, brightness and "M" for macro I think). Very frustrating because that's the only function I want to use with the wheel.

Someone has a clue please ?




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Ok, I'm not sure what is causing your multiwheel to lose the volume function control, but I'm not giving up.

Double check the System Volume function is set to On.

System Volume On.png

If that didn't help, I was able to create a Custom setting for volume control on the multiwheel page, as a work around, you could try this.

For Volume Up, select Keyboard function, click the box below it to highlight it red, press Fn + F11, it should then show Volume Up.

For Volume Down, select Keyboard function, click the box below it to highlight it red, press Fn + F10, it should then show Volume Down.

If you need help customizing the multiwheel for volume control, I made a quick video. Let me know how this works for you.

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Level 10


Since I've opened that thread, there have been some updates in AC and my problem is now gone. I've reset the keyboard and tested reboots and starts after shutdown, the system volume is now fully operational.

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Level 10

OK now It works, I had to reset by pressing FN + ESC, I let the topic if that can help someone.

Level 10

I spoke too early, the problem came back. I have to reset the device at each boot...


Hello Snqk3

What do you have selected in Armoury Crate as the Multiwheel function?

Select System Volume with the little red arrow to the left, it should keep your setting until you change it.

system volume.png







Thx for the reply.

That's my problem, I can't choose It even if I click on "System Volume" :

Capture d’écran 2024-02-16 195956.png

If I reset the keyboard with Esc + FN, I can choose It.




1) Open Armoury Crate.

2) Select the Multiwheel page as in your screenshot above.

3) Press the ROG logo button beside the Multiwheel, this should change the functions.





I've done that. On the keyboard was the multimedia function selected by default, but on Armoury Crate was system volume (with the red arrow on the left side). When I press on ROG button beside the multiwheel, that select multimedia and when I press ROG button multiple times It cycles on all the function except system volume. 


Check to see that windows dynamic lighting is turned off, this can interfere with Armoury Crate.

dynamic lighting.png

If that doesn't help, try reinstalling Armoury Crate.

Uninstall Armoury Crate.

ac uninstall.png

Once uninstalled, reboot your pc.

Install Armoury Crate version and go to the Armoury Crate update Center and do the updates.

Armoury Crate - Support (







Dynamic lightning is already off, because I effectivly didn't want that interfere with Armoury Crate. 

With that problem and others I had to reinstall Windows completely but the problem is still here...


Thank you

You say you can get the volume function to work by resetting your keyboard, but you have to reset it every boot?

This isn't normal, it should keep the volume function on reboot.

So, I have some questions.

1) What sound device are you using?

2) Is your sound device connected via bluetooth?

3) Do you have any other sound applications/programs installed?

4) Does your sound device show correctly in device manager?

5) Do you have normal volume control with windows?

6) Can you determine what triggers the volume function to not work?