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Rog Strix Scope II not charging

Level 7

I have already read several other topics on this not charging, or charging slowly.  I have tried those work-arounds (plug directly into wall outlet/ use only wired mode/ turn off LED backlighting...)  18% to charge up to 19% charge only took 6 hours.  This means it should be charged in another 3-4 weeks?!?!  (If I do NOT use it)  This cannot be correct.  Keyboard is almost 4 months old- haven't had any issues until now.  Hard to see keys when they're not backlit, while doing work in the dark (I work nights)... Having to use my 20 year old Logitech $10 keyboard because well.. it, like my wife (unlike this keyboard).. actually work after the honeymoon is over!  LOL!



Hello MrFurdaddy

Your charging time does seem a bit slow as it should be fully charged in a few hours. It charges with the usb-c to usb-a cable from a pc usb port.

Sometimes closing and reopening Armoury Crate will update the charging status.

What I do is connect the cable and the wireless dongle to my pc and use 2.4GHz wireless mode until it's fully charged, then disconnect the cable. When the lighting alert tells me it needs charged again, I reconnect the cable.

Maybe try this and give us an update on how long it takes to fully charge, you can still use it while it's charging.