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Rog Strix Scope II 96 Bugs

Level 7

I recently purchased the Rog Strix Scope II 96 keyboard and I have come across a couple of issues:

1. Automatic Keyboard Light Activation: I am currently using RF 2.4G to connect the keyboard to my computer, and I prefer to have the keyboard light turned off. However, I've noticed that whenever I restart my computer, the keyboard light automatically turns on, even though I had previously turned it off.

2. Multiwheel Customize Function: Another concern I have is related to the Multiwheel customize function. I have successfully set up a Macro and triggered it by pressing the Multiwheel. However, after restarting my computer, the customization no longer works. 

The current Keyboard version is 6.00.03 and the Dongle version is 5.00.07



Level 7

for the keyboard light, I found out that it will turn on randomly not just after restarting the computer

Level 7

I have now had the KB for 4 days, and the multifunction button/wheel do not work, save for muting. If I want to fix it I have to uninstall the Armor and reinstall it. 

Unrelated likely, but if I reboot or put the system to sleep the keyboard forgets the lighting settings until I open Armory and change settings. Have this issue both hard-wired and using 2.4

I suppose I should have done my research a little more thoroughly, it seems this is a pretty common issue (even with the ASUS laptops). 



To use the Armoury Crate lighting control, you'll want to turn off windows dynamic lighting. 

dynamic lighting.png


Have you updated to the ROG Omni Receiver and connected to it?

Omni Receiver.png

When you select OFF on the Lighting page, the lighting should stay off. The ROG logo will flash pink when the cable is connected and charging.

Lighting off.png


You can create and store up to 5 profiles to the onboard memory. For quick access to your profiles, press Fn + 1,2,3,4,5.

I have the multiwheel function set to System Volume as indicated by the red arrow. Spinning the wheel forward or backward adjusts the volume, pressing straight down on the wheel is mute. 










i found out that the customize function under multiwheel function will automatically reset to default. i changed multiple times to a Macro that i created. it will keep changing back to default.

and the ROG Omni Receiver is updated.