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Rog strix scope deluxe how do i toggle between function keys and media function

Level 7
hey I bought a Rog strix scope deluxe keyboard and I cant get the f5 keys to f12 to work
the booklet says press fn+ins but there the same key to toggle between function keys and media function toggle.

I press f5 or to f12 I get the keyboard language small 3 or 0's, when trying to use the f-keys, to make binds in game's and record software like nvidia.
that being said the all the keyboard binds work like mute sound minimize. from f5 to f12.

is there a secret key combo to use the ins fn lock ? to get the function keys to work like normal ?

also the firmware is up to date.
I use rog armor crate software, with my maximus xi board
and armory 2 doesn't show the keyboard even if I un-sync the keyboard. from armor crate.

any1 know what's going on ?

Level 7
Hey fella,

You need to hold the Fn key (between Right Alt and Context Menu i.e. two keys to the right of the Spacebar) and Insert to toggle the media and function keys from F5 to F12. The fourth keybaord lock light should light up to indicate that the media keys have been switched off.

Not working?