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ROG Strix Flare II Animate /AniMe Matrix hangs up sometimes when i start a game

Level 7

Is there a solution to that issue?sometimes the AniMe display stops when i turn on a game…

And my second question is,how do i save the profiles ?i dont see a save button.Whenever i restart my pc the lights are changing .Not always but one time the backlight will stay but the AniMe always is changing…

Please Help*

Nate152 wrote:
You're welcome

How is it working, any issues to report?

ok so now i have noticed that the aniMe Mattix display freeze.So when windows boots up the screen is loading for that one what i have set but sometimes after few seconds or when i start a game it freezes and hat is realy odd.

Any ideas what is wrong?

Thank You for Â*help Â*in advance ;)Â*

Nate152 wrote:
You're welcome

How is it working, any issues to report?

Well after hours of searching i know what was the issue with Marrix screen freezing.The Asus app dont like Icue software from corsair.So far as i have disable the app from booting ot startup its working fine but now i can’t control my DDR5😂 funny world 🌎Â*

Thank You for Your help anyway Â*:) Â*

Sorry to hear,

I'm not experiencing any freezing with the Anime Matrix with my ROG Delta S Animate so I'm not sure why yours is freezing.

As a test, could you try some of the other Anime Matrix themes?

I have the ROG Strix Flare II (Non Animate), it has two usb cables and supports USB 2.0, you could try both cables in USB 3.0 ports.

I don't have RGB memory but....

You should be able to control the lighting of your Corsair memory in Armoury crate.

ive seen my crosshair x670e extremes animation matrix stuttering, so that the animations are not smooth anymore when im doing a cycles render job in Blender.
Cinebench R23 on the opposite does nothing like that, while running the benchmark. So maby there is some bug incompatible issue with AC and Blender?
Did anybody having similar behavior in heavy CPU workloads?


Hi frankieP

Since the Anime Matrix uses the cpu, it's normal that the Anime Matrix would stutter with the cpu under heavy load. You may get a better score by turning the Anime Matrix off when running benchmarks.