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Rog flare connect and disconnect repeatedly

Level 7
Hello guys please find me a solution for this problem
my keyboard rog flare is connectin and disconnecting repeatedly
all usb ports are working fine i was just modifying some options with Armoury app and aura then this problem started

Level 7
same issue with my ROG CLAYMORE nobody replies here , my post still no response my number 8 no light

so should i just skip the topic and buy a new one is that such a solution, ASUS!!!!!!!

Level 7
what a waste of money shouldve bought a corsair instead

it was a bad decision to buy it even i am still fan for Asus but this changes my future decisions, i have many Asus products and i recommend them such as Asus orion pro headset. asus impact mouse and other hardware parts.
so please asus dont lose your community for bad support service.

Level 8
I have the same problem with Claymore AND Gladius II.

I'm having the same issue with my ROG STRIX FLARE, ASUS gave me one form of troubleshooting which just... change the problem i was having from it freezing on the sync animation to it just straight disconnecting from the whole computer repeatedly. Said to speak to ROG team, which is... not really a thing.

Unfortunately the retailer is being super weird about me taking it back for a refund, because I took the exact same model in for replacement like 3 weeks ago

Level 7

I have the same problem. I bought my strix flare II approx. one month ago. I was using keyboard without armory crate and everything was workin just fine. Today I install Armory crate again after few months because I have rog motherboard and mouse. made everything in sync and then come problems. Repeatedly disconnect and connect. when i hear sound for disconnecting my keyboard return to default lightning, working and again after few seconds the lights return to normal. that doesn't effect my mouse or motherboard. I know for sure that is armory crate problem.