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Rog falchion nx

Level 9

I have a rog falchion nx wireless keyboard when typing I keep getting multiple keystrokes I have tried resetting the keyboard using fn and caps but still doing it any suggestions or rma the keyboard?



Hello Stittyuk

Have you tried adjusting the repeat rate and repeat delay in keyboard properties?

keyboard properties.png




Yes tried that Nate seems ok on wire just on wireless it does it buddy and receiver not far from keyboard


 Are you using the USB extender?

Make sure the cable and/or the wireless dongle is connected directly to a pc usb port, it can be a motherboard or case usb port.





Nope I have it plugged directly into pc I’m getting sick and tired I’ve had nothing but issues with this pc my ASUs motherboard and now this ASUs keyboard. It always changes colour aswell have to manually keep going into armoury crate to change it back not happy with ASUs tbh


I thought your name looked familiar.

I didn't see any issue with your motherboard, but I did reply to your thread about your 14900k temps.

I had mentioned to try 1.35v and it seems it was a no go. This indicates that the motherboard is pretty much spot on in supplying what voltage your cpu needs to be stable. Because all cpu's are not created equal, some cpu's will need more voltage for the same frequency, some will need less.

You had mentioned you used thermal grizzly kryonaut thermal paste, this is one of the best thermal pastes and is what I use too. Did you remove the stock thermal paste that comes pre-applied to the AIO water block?

I have the i7-12700KF on a custom loop and can push the voltage up to 1.447v, gaming temps are in the 80's. A stress test would most likely put temps to 100c+, to avoid this, I just use my games as the stress test.

I'd say your temps are actually pretty good with your voltage at 1.41v.

vcore 12700kf.png

To save a color profile, you can use Aura Sync or the lighting on the ROG Falchion page.

ROG Falchion Lighting page.

ROG Falchion page.png

ROG Falchion Aura Sync.

Falchion Aura Sync.png

I'm not sure what is causing the key repeating, but since it happens in wireless mode only.....

1) Check device manager for any missing drivers.

2) Try using the usb extender.

3) Possible interference with another wireless device.





Sorry for the late reply thanks a lot for your input @Nate152. yer I removed old paste was just worried abit on temps. Hw info doesn’t report of any throttling so that’s good I think a factor of it is I have my setup in a small room might invest in a air con unit  or is that bad do they let off moisture as don’t want my pc in taking moisture thanks once again. Also the keyboard is being returned as still doing the duplicate keystrokes


Since you returned your keyboard, let us know how it goes with the replacement.

An air conditioner removes moisture and puts out cool dry air and is a good investment. I usually keep my room temp 25c (77F).

Your maximum cpu temps could be spikes, the Average temp would give a better indication over long gaming sessions.

With Hwinfo open, play a game for an hour or so, then check the Average cpu temp.



that is my screenshot for over a hours worth of play bare in mind that was only multiplayer and not resurgance which taxes the cpu more tell me what you thing and thanks once again @Nate152 


You're welcome and thank you for the screenshot.

Average core temp of 48c is excellent.

Considering your cpu needed up to 1.439v, Average cpu package temp of 60c is excellent as well. Cpu package temp is reported as the hottest running core at any given time.

Max core temp of 77c isn't anything to be alarmed about. Overall, this looks quite good.